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Brouwer Brothers Steamatic Reviews

I have personally been involved with the many aspects of Brouwer Brothers Steamatic for over 30 years. As my career has taken me to several different companies with different roles, I have always taken Brouwer Brothers with me and introduced them to other managers and building staff, because of their dependability, professionalism and quality of workmanship. Without exception, we have never been disappointed with the results of their services. In my opinion, they are the Gold Standard of cleaning, restoration and reconstruction.

Thomas Skweres, VP at ACM Community Management

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend them to anyone!

Jim Miller, 1st VP of Meriux NutriSciences

Best restoration company we have ever used for our large client base. They are awesome!

Ron Assise, President at Horton Group

Very helpful and always do a great job. If you have a rug you can carry in, it will save on the cost.

Patricia Spirakes

Flo and Michael from Brouwer Brothers Steamatics, Alsip IL, cleaned our air ducts and cleaned carpet thoroughly and efficiently this morning. My husband and I found their work professional and friendly. We are most pleased with their work .We will definitely hire this company again!

Nancy Shlaes

Just want to let Brouwer Bros know what an excellent job Tom Koszot did on cleaning out our vents. He was on time, very professional, and was very personable. We will ask for him next time we need your services. Thank you Tom!

Annette Siedlecki

Over the 33 years I have been in this business I can truly say there are only a handful contractors that I would take the time out for and write a personal note regarding their professional service. Brouwer Brothers is one of those contractors. Time and time again, when anyone on my team has reached out to Brouwer Brothers we have always had a very quick response, and most complete service available. Unfortunately when my team happens to reach out to you it’s always while they’re in a state of flux as there has been a catastrophe within one of the properties they manage. Whether is a Fire loss, Plumbing loss, or Biohazard loss, each and every time Brouwer Brothers has come through with the right solution, and the right team to match the loss at hand.
For this reason I wish to say thank you to Brouwer Brothers for their most professional service and continued assistance for all of our managed properties.

Bob Meyer, Director of Engineering Services at First Service Residential

Steamatic performs superior quality work with skilled laborers and polite office staff. They can handle all of your restoration needs.

Mueller & Co., LLP

I have a lot of dogs at my house all of the time and the rugs take a beating. I needed four Oriental rugs cleaned or all dogs would be using them as grass. Everyone was nice and professional.  My rugs look great and will give them back to Brouwer sooner than later because of the mud these little critters bring in. Thanks!

Liz Lewis

I have been using Brouwer Brother Steamatic for several years. I love the technician’s professionalism each time they’ve come out to my home. When I first started using them I had a dog and my carpet was thoroughly cleaned when they were done. I would highly recommend this service to anyone. Today Mr. Jerry S. was the technician. He was very professional and pleasant and did a great job on my very old carpet. Thanks Jerry Spencer.

Nell Glenn

Great job by Jerry S on my carpet cleaning. My Mom has always used Brouwer Brothers so I thought I would give them a try. As a “first” time user I was very impressed. Thank you Jerry for your good work.

Jan Mazza

Would You like to Share Your Steamatic Experience?


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