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Enjoy professional cleaning in your home with our residential cleaning services. At Brouwer Brothers Steamatic, we offer house cleaning services in Chicago to keep your home tidy and safe. Explore our services to see how you can enjoy hassle-free cleaning the Steamatic Difference.

Our Residential Cleaning Services

Work with our team to identify the areas of your home you wish to clean. We offer everything from kitchen cleaning to a full-service deep clean of your home or apartment. These services are designed to remove dirt, sanitize surfaces, and remove stains from carpet and other materials.


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    Enjoy the same professional-grade cleaning used in commercial applications. We only use safe cleaning agents that are designed for each surface in your home. Whether we’re cleaning your carpet or cleaning your HVAC system, you can be confident in a reliable cleaner that keeps your home safe. Thorough cleaning services can also be great preventative maintenance for your furniture, carpet, and HVAC system.

    We also inspect your home for signs of mold or water damage. Our mold remediation services can make quick work of any contaminants hiding in your bathroom, basement, or other high-moisture areas.

    The Cleaning Process

    Since every house is different, every house cleaning will be different. Discuss the areas you wish to receive professional cleaning when you schedule a service from Brouwer Brothers Steamatic. Here are some common tasks we can handle in your home or apartment:

      • Dust surfaces
      • Vacuum, sweep, and/or mop floors
      • Remove garbage and recycling
      • Clean windows and mirrors
      • Clean linens and make beds
      • Wipe down floorboards, bathroom walls, and fixtures

    We use the same total cleaning process on your home that is used to clean apartments, commercial kitchens, and office spaces. Our cleaning products are safe for use in homes, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals on your furniture or cooking surfaces.

    Benefits of a Professional Cleaning Team

    Our cleaning team helps you take the stress out of home cleaning. Whether you’re living in an apartment or home, we can help you with routine or deep cleaning services. Professional cleaning services are common for vacation homes, rental properties, or busy professionals.

    End your vacation on a good note. Instead of spending your last day of vacation taking out the garbage and deep cleaning your home, schedule a professional cleaning. Leave the mess to us and spend your final moments enjoying the city, the beach, or time with family.

    Rental properties may require significant cleaning services on a tight schedule. Ensure your apartments, rental homes, and other properties are ready for check-in with the help of our team. We can clean a number of units at the same time to reduce the stress and time of your investment properties.

    Busy professionals don’t always have time to clean their homes. You can use our services on a weekly or monthly basis to clean your home. Spend your downtime relaxing instead of cleaning bathrooms and changing bed linens. Select specific cleaning tasks you don’t have time for, to save money on your professional cleaning service or order a whole-home service for peace of mind and convenience.

    Residential cleaning is also a great way to deep clean a home you’ve just purchased. Buying a home means moving in after someone who may not have the same cleanliness standards you have. Schedule a cleaning and sanitizing service for peace of mind about your new property.

    Schedule a Cleaning Service Today

    Request a service today to enjoy house or apartment cleaning from our professional team. From an efficient apartment to your family home, we offer whole-house cleaning with professional products and standards. Discuss your particular project and schedule to ensure consistent cleaning quality from industry experts.


    When disaster strikes, Brouwer Brothers Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

    Request Residential Cleaning and Other Services Now.


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